Taylor Slack

Growing up Taylor always had her nose in the arts. She often found herself cutting the hair on her Barbie dolls, painting her dad’s toenails, or digging through her older sister’s makeup bag. If it involved coloring or making things look pretty, Taylor wanted every part of it.

In high school she took advanced art classes and enjoyed drawing, painting and mixed media but it wasn’t until she joined our front desk team that she fell in love with a different type of art; hair. After a couple of years she finally worked up the courage to enroll at Paul Mitchell the school.

Taylor enjoys creating edgy looks with fashion colors and pixie cuts and often uses music as her inspiration. But don’t let her edgy look fool you! Taylor also loves creating natural looks using balayage and color melting.

Taylor is certified in the American Wave perm technique. This technique gives the hair a beachy beautiful wave. She is also Deva Curl certified.