Hello again! We’re back with another exciting, hilarious, thrilling, etc etc blog post. And on the agenda today? A nod to our curly haired girls. You know who you are because you’ve been fighting it your whole life. Nearly every curly haired girl goes through it. You hate your hair and straighten it to its death. You decide your hair is worth more than that, so you let it be in all its frizzy glory. You hate that, so you straighten it again. It’s a vicious cycle. And you know what, we don’t feel sorry for you. Us straight haired girls have to watch y’all wake up, throw product in your hair and walk around like a damn mermaid. We spend an hour curling our hair for it to last for exactly 5 minutes before returning to its natural lifeless state. So forgive us for not understanding the pain of your incredible bouncy curls. Eye roll.

Anyway, I went off on a tangent. Curls can be difficult, we do understand that. Especially when you live in the south and it’s 150 degrees outside and 100% humidity. But when you have the proper cut and product, those curls will shine and bounce like they were meant to and you’ll love them the way they deserve to be loved. And you can trust us, because at Olive we specialize in curly hair. That means we have stylist who are educated and trained specifically for your curl. Because let’s be real, there are like 500 different curl types and patterns and sometimes all on the same head. But fear not, we are here for you. We have a group of stylists who have been trained by the Deva curl team and are the ultimate experts on curl. Some of the girls just recently got back from an intensive training in NYC. Rough life, we know, but the girls came back with even more knowledge and excitement for curls. Jenni, a Deva curl specialist at Olive and curl enthusiast tells me, “It doesn’t matter how little of a curl or how frizzy and untamed the hair may seem, we can bring them to life. It’s life changing.” I know what you’re thinking because I thought it too. “Calm down Jenni, I doubt its life changing.” But yall, she’s right. Check out the Olive Beauty Lounge Instagram and you’ll see some Deva ‘Before and Afters’ for yourself. LIFE. CHANGING. Jenni is right, who knew?!

We love, admire and envy your curls and you should too. Who knows, maybe your ‘Before and After’ will make you Insta-famous and launch your hair modeling career and you’ll make millions. But more likely, you’ll just be super confident with your sexy new hair and that sounds pretty fabulous too.

Still skeptical?? Make an appointment for a DevaCurl Style and watch your curls come to life. You don’t have to commit to a Deva cut just yet, the Deva style is a great start. Call us up, your curls are waiting!

Until next time,


The ladies and one gentleman of Olive